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We believe in teamwork. We all have different talents and giftings. Theo Vreugdenhil is our Pastor and contact person. Since April 2016, Theo has officially been appointed as a Pastor to serve the Cross Culture community for three days a week. Theo has studied Theology and has been involved in Cross Culture Nieuwegein since the beginning in 2011. After living a period abroad, he is now living in Nieuwegein with his wife and children since 2014.

  • Address CC-Meetings on Sunday:
  • De Voorhof
  • Wiersdijk 8b
  • Nieuwegein

Do you have a question about staying informed of all activities within Cross Culture Nieuwegein? Then please contact Theo as well!


Heb je een vraag of wil jij op de hoogte blijven van alle activiteiten binnen Cross Culture Nieuwegein? Mail ons dan en we nemen contact met je op zodat we kunnen je dan inschrijven voor de wekelijkse nieuws update!


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